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Grey Flow PS

The Grey Flow PS System is a "whole of house" grey water diverter that is installed below ground. Is it installed within the house plumbing at pre-lay stage up to 3 metres deep and is ideal for tight and narrow sites. The Grey Flow PS has Watermark certification and is approved for use in all states. 


  • - Easily adjustable height level can be used with very deep sewer pipes (up to 3m)
  • - 2 Stage installs in new homes reduces installation costs (with 2 stage installs only)
  • - For installs where Greywater pipe depth does not exceed 300mm below ground level (with  Plug & Play system only)

Stage 1. Getting the house Grey Flow Ready      Stage 2. Installing the GF-system & components


1. Dual piping (separate grey & black water pipe)     1. Installing the Grey Flow PS finishing kit
2. Installing the Grey Flow PS builder's kit                   2. Installing the Self-Cleaning Mechanism
3. Installing an approved Reflux Valve                          3. Installing the Grey Flow irrigation system
4. Connecting the overflow back to the sewer           4. Final commissioning of the system
5. Dedicated outdoor powerpoint


  • - Compact system ideal for tight and narrow sites
  • - Small footprint that would fit almost any site conditions
  • - Easy to install with reduced excavations requirements
  • - 4" Inlet and outlet for "Whole of the House" and commercial applications
  • - Can spread the Grey Water over a large garden area
  • - Combined with the 6 stations GF-Rotor and the Grey Flow Drip-Tube the system can cover a  garden area as large as 480 square meters
  • - Attracts government rebates in some regions of the world
  • - Low once a year maintenance requirement
  • - Due to tank design size and shape, the de-sludging maintenance work prescribed for tank  based systems is not required

 Upgrade option

  • - High pressure pump option available for improved performance with sub-surface irrigation of lawns and blocks with topographical variations higher than 2m
  • - Air assisted Self-Cleaning mechanism (recudes cleaning of the filters from once a month to once a year)

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