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Grey Flow 001 Plug & Play


The Grey-Flow 001 family product is a true Grey Water diversion device that does not store Grey Water at any time. Whilst showering or washing clothes, the Grey water is directly diverted to your garden with no intermediate storage tank. This unique patented design reduces: health risks, mosquito and bacteria breeding as well as maintenance of the system. The healthy and eco-friendly Grey Water diversion system with no Holding Tank (favored by health departments & councils).



  • - Easy to install Plug & Play system
  • - For installs where Grey Water pipe depth goes not exceed 300mm below ground level



  • - Patented tankless real time diversion technology with self-cleaning mechanism
  • - Fail safe automatic diversion to sewer when system is off for winter and during power outages
  • - No tanks means no sludge accumulation (Eliminates the need for regular de-sludging work)
  • - No foul and unpleasant odors
  • - No insect breeding water held within the property
  • - More hygienic system favored by health regulators
  • - Can be connected to a soil moisture sensor or rain switch to prevent water runoff
  • - Can be switched off via a timer or a remote control switch for diversion to sewer of unwanted water
  • - 4" inlet and outlet for "Whole of house" and commercial applications
  • - Can spread the Grey Water over a large garden area
  • - Combined with the 6 stations GF-Rotor and the Grey Flow Drip-Tube the system can cover a garden area as large as 480 square meters)
  • - Attracts government rebates in some regions of the world
  • - Low once a year maintenance requirement


Upgrade option

  • - Air assist self-cleaning mechanism (reduces cleaning of the filters from once a month to once a year)

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