2 Stage Installs for new homes

Option 1: New Homes with less than 40m2 gardens - G-Flow two stage installation

Stage 1

Getting the house G-Flow ready

(by home builder @pre-lay stage)

  1. Dedicated outdoor powerpoint outside  the laundry
  2. 50mm PVC sleeve from the washing      machine position to outside the laundry
  3. Disconnected Gully (DG) outside the    laundry

Stage 2

Installing the G-Flow system & the irrigation components

(prior to starting the paving work)

    Accredited/Trained Installer :
  1. Installing the G-Flow diverter system
  2. Connecting the intet and overflow pipes
  3. Installing the G-Flow irrigation system




Option 2: New Homes with more than 40m2 gardens - Grey Flow PS two stage installation
Stage 1

Getting the house Grey Flow ready

(by home builder @pre-lay stage)

1.Dual piping (separate Grey & Black Water pipe)

2. Installing the Grey Flow PS builder's kit

3. Installing an approved Reflux Valve

4. Connecting the overflow back to the sewer

5. Dedicated outdoor powerpoint

Stage 2

Installing the Grey Flow System & Irrigation components

1. Installing the Grey Flow PS finishing kit

2. Installing the Self-Cleaning Mechanism

3. Installing the Grey Flow irrigation system

4. Final commissioning of the system