Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Grey Water ?

Grey Water is untreated water discharged from your showers, basins, and laundries only. Kitchen waste water has harmful amounts of fats and oils which may have an adverse effect on your soils

2. How much Grey Water do I generate ?

On average 100 Litres of reusable Grey Water is generated by one person every day. In the USA the average is 40 gallons per day.

3. Will Grey water affect my plants and my soils ?

It is strongly recommended to use Grey Water friendly detergents with low phosphorous and low salt content.

4. Can I water my lawn area with Grey Water ?

Sub-surface irrigation of lawns using Grey Water has been achieved successfully in many places. The Grey Flow systems do not come with any long term protection against root intrusion. Solutions such a trifluralin impregnated drippers (rootguard) or filters (tech-filters) are available to protect from root intrusions and should be used with sub-surface irrigation of lawn areas. (For more detail and update on this subject contact your local Grey Flow supplier)

5. How much maintenance work does the Grey Flow requires ?

The Grey Flow systems come with self-cleaning mechanism option which reduces the standard maintenance cleaning work from once a month to once every year.

6. How can I irrigate my gardens when I am away from home?

The easiest and cheapest way to use you Grey Water system to irrigate your gardens when you are away is to use a battery operated tap timer to top up the Grey Flow systems while you area away. Cross connection to existing systems are not allowed.

7. Can I connect the Grey Flow system to my existing irrigation system?

Standard irrigation system cannot cope with the untreated Grey Water. Cross connection is not allowed. Connecting to a non-approved irrigation system will result in failure and void of warranty.

8. Can I water a garden area smaller than the required minimum ?

Each country and states have different guidelines pertaining to the minimum disposal area required for the reuse of Grey water. These minimum areas have been set so as to protect the ground water resources and our environment. (please refer to local regulations) 
It is however possible to reduce the number of fixtures connected to your grey water outlet pipe, in order to help in reduce the amount of grey water generated. This will allow for a reduced minimum irrigation area requirement.

9. Can I water a garden area larger than the recommended maximum ?

Yes it is possible but your garden may not get enough water during the peak summer months. 
To remedy this situation you can provide a top up system. 
The use of multiple stations with the grey flow systems should be done through the use of a manual 3 way valve or a GF rotor hydraulic indexing valve. (ask your local supplier for further information). Automated solenoid valves should not be used as they are not designed to cope with the poor quality of the grey water.

Why use the Grey Flow Systems?

  1. World’s first Clean Grey Water Diversion system (Award winning Tankless Patented Real time diversion technology)
  2. Fail Safe (automatic diversion to sewer when system is off in winter and during power outages)
  3. No sludge Accumulation (Eliminates the need for regular de-slugging work)
  4. No Foul and Unpleasant Odours
  5. No insect breeding water held within the property prevents potential spread of diseases (example: North QLD & Dengue fever)
  6. Double filter and self-cleaning mechanism to reduce the maintenance work on the system to only once a year
  7. Can be connected to a soil moisture sensor or a rain switch to automatically turn off the system when it rains or when the soil is saturated
  8. Unwanted waters & chemicals can be diverted to the sewer using a remote control power switch
  9. Soil moisture switch and Time control to cater for even the smallest blocks
  10. Innovative 2 stage installation for new homes
  11. Wide range of systems to cover almost all conditions (domestic commercial)
  12. Smaller footprint means a more economical system that can be installed almost anywhere.